Why Volunteer for a Kill Shelter


Why Volunteer for a Kill Shelter

People often ask me how can you support, volunteer  and/or work  for a shelter that is NOT No-Kill?    Seven years ago my family and I found ourselves relocating to the beautiful state of Georgia and we found our little Utopia on 35 acres in Oglethorpe County, which is located just off a very historical dirt road known as Chandler Silver and home to a beautiful covered bridge over Big Clouds Creek.  http://www.n-georgia.com/howards-bridge.htm

The bridge is no longer in use and mostly sees tourist and photographers  capturing its beauty.  Sadly it is also where many four legged, furry babies watch the Georgia red clay dust kicked up as their owners drive away.  Sometimes they are even too young to open their eyes.  Only eight of the fourteen we found the first year were still alive.   Covered in fleas and ticks and slowly fading away, as their owners never looked back.   I still find myself angry, heartbroken and bewildered at the lack of compassion towards so many animals.  As you can imagine there have been many more since that first year.  Puppies less than six weeks old still trying to find warmth in the ones that had already suffered the elements they were left in.   Kittens that were grasping to life after several had already perished.  

Every time I make my way down that dirt road, which is often, I find myself praying that I won't find humanity at its worst.   There are two that I think about the most.    Sadly people not only dump their animals but also their trash or unwanted furniture in this isolated area.   I thought it was just another dilapidated couch that someone didn't want until I realized that they also threw out their dead pit bull with it.   The other is Buddy, which we named him.  Buddy was a yellow lab that was curled up under the bridge trying to stay warm and when he heard my car he slowly made his way out to meet me.   Buddy was neutered, knew commands and was very affectionate.  He was also covered in fleas and emaciated.   Buddy spent several weeks with us and I am happy to say that he found his forever loving home.  

Let's not forget the tragedy of former University of Georgia professor and his wife that were mauled to death by a pack of wild dogs on Howard Thaxton Road, not so long ago.   That could have been my child or yours getting off the school bus.

The sad reality is the only way this is going to change is through the enforcement of animal control regulations.  I come from a town where people are ticketed and fined for not abiding by the Ordinance for the Regulation, Control, and Disposition of Animals

Currently this shelter takes on the responsibility of those unwanted animals … for $3.00 per year per tax payer.  Less than the price of a hamburger or a pack of cigarettes.  They have taken in over 1700 animals from Madison and Oglethorpe counties in the last 8 months.  

If not for the unwavering efforts of the shelter staff, board of directors and volunteers,  hundreds of animals, would out of necessity, be euthanized.   They are not the ones creating the problem, they are simply trying to make a difference with as many four legged, furry, pawed lives as they can every day. 

So why do I support and volunteer for a shelter that is not NO-KILL?  Because they are the ones trying to keep myself, my children and as many animals as they possibly can, safe … with that $3.00 per tax payer per year.   And save them from ultimately laying on a dirt road scared, hungry and suffering.  

MOAS only accepts animals from the residents of these two counties.  They do not charge a surrender fee, which most cannot afford, and never refuse an animal based on color, breed, size or illness, but they can't save them all . Through volunteer efforts including photos, social media, fundraising and low cost sterilization programs they are able to re-home hundreds and prevent thousands more unwanted animals.  The reality of a No-Kill shelter is they get to pick and choose who they will accept.


How can I support this shelter?  How can I not.


If you would like to support them too, you can make a donation through PayPal below.  If you would like to give your time please fill out a volunteer application.  There are multiple opportunities to give of your time that will fit your schedule.