Flea Meds

To our shelter supporters: Please consider helping us by getting the ‘bugs’ off of our animals. This has been a particularly bad year for fleas. Or maybe, it’s a good year for them and a particularly bad year for our shelter animals! Nearly every animal turned in to us (over 1700 so far) this year has had some degree of flea infestation. We have mounted an attack by trying to bathe the animals whenever possible. Unfortunately, this is an ‘old time’, short-term measure. We would really like to treat with the more effective, longer term, anti-flea products, especially for our most susceptible animals that may suffer more ill effects from having fleas.

How can you help? Purchasing the flea medication for all of our animals is simply not possible with the shelter monies. However, smaller individual purchases, from many supporters could make a huge difference.  We are primarily interested in obtaining Frontline or Frontline-Plus, in the largest dog size. We are able to divide it by volume according to weight and effectively treat more animals.

Going to a site, such as 1-800-Pet-Meds or www.entirelypets.com and directing the purchase be mailed to us at the address below will go a very long way in helping the shelter animals. There are frequently coupon codes available on line for discounts and/or free shipping from this company.

Madison-Oglethorpe Animal Shelter
P.O. Box 453
Danielsville, GA 30633

Obtaining the product from other companies is also fine. Just be sure (for your pet’s safety, also) that they carry the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy accreditation indication (Vet-VIPPS®)