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At the Shelter - Diagnosis


Meet Big Red. He is a gorgeous bloodhound who is approximately 5 years old. Big Red was brought to the Madison-Oglethorpe Animal Shelter as a stray. The individual who brought him in said he was wandering the roads.

The employees of the shelter assessed Big Red and discovered he has a serious eye condition called Bilateral Entropion. His eyelids are rolled in which causes the lashes to continuously irritate the eyes. This condition commonly affects many breeds, including the bloodhound and if left untreated, it can cause such trauma that the eye(s) must be removed.

Big Red is desperately in need of surgery to correct this condition. The surgery would be done at the University of Georgia’s Veterinary Hospital. The total cost for the consult visit, surgery, and follow up visit would be approximately $1,300.00. The shelter is currently taking donations to help with the cost of the surgery.

Big Red is a sweet, gentle, and friendly dog who needs a forever home. He is neutered and is in good shape except for his eyes.

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