Adoption Application

Why All the Questions?

Our shelter greatly appreciates that you have decided to give one of our animals a second chance.  We do have several questions to ask and you may feel as though you are getting the third degree but the questions are only to ensure that the animal you have chosen will be a great match for you and your family.

All of the animals that you see at the shelter and on our website came to us from different situations. Some were neglected, some were abused, some were strays, and some were surrendered by their owner for different reasons like moving or the owner could no longer care for animal.

We want to make sure all the adopted pets have found their forever and last loving home so that’s “why all the questions”. We are asking because we care about you and your new pet. We want this adoption to be the match that lasts a lifetime.  When you are answering all those personal questions, think of the animal that you fell for with those big eyes and furry tail and realize, it’s worth all the trouble.

If you are completing this application prior to coming into the shelter, please let the shelter staff know you've already completed an application online so they can retrieve it and save everyone some time.


If you have a pet who is not spayed or neutered, please explain why.
How many adults are in the household
Are there children in the household
Please list the ages of all children in the household
Do you have a fenced yard
Please describe the type of fence you have
How large is the fenced area
Please list the fence height
Does your landlord have any pet restrictions on dog/cat, breed, size/weight, sex or number of pets
Please describe your previous pet experience
How many hours per day will your pet be alone
Please describe the space where your pet will spend any time alone
Do you plan to crate train your pet
Please describe your lifestyle including any activity where you would include your pet
Please describe any previous rescue experience
Where will your pet live
Who will be the primary caregiver and have daily responsibility for the pet
Please describe your planned daily interaction with the pet
Please describe why you want to adopt a pet
What is your estimate of the yearly costs to keep a pet
Which pet are you interested in adopting
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