About Us

Welcome to Madison-Oglethorpe Animal Shelter, better known as MOAS.  We have been in existence since 2002.  To read a complete history of how we got started, see History of MOAS.

MOAS was originally conceived as a solution to the stray animal population in Madison and Oglethorpe counties.  Our mission is to save as many pets as possible while reducing the unwanted population through a low cost spay and neuter program operated out of the shelter.

We are under contract with the two counties to accept all stray and unwanted pets from residents of the counties.  In return, we are paid $3 per taxpayer per year. 

MOAS is solely responsible for running the shelter and relies on a volunteer Board of Directors to set shelter policy and to do fundraising.  Our shelter staff is responsible for carrying out those policies and running the shelter on a day to day basis.  This also includes making euthanasia decisions.  No one wants to put pets down, and the "ideal" shelter situation would be a "No-Kill" shelter. To understand the real difference between a "No-Kill" and a "Kill" shelter please see No-Kill vs. Kill.

We take our mission to save as many pets as possible very seriously.  We are excited that we have a successful spay and neuter program. Often we are scheduling these surgeries three weeks out with the payoff being that we are helping to prevent hundreds of unwanted animals. 

The days when emails go out with uplifting news make the hard days worthwhile.  

Days when an email goes out that says:

...a dog that has been in the shelter for 9 months went to a foster home where she'll get lots of individual attention and won't be confined to a run

...a big black dog got adopted today - traditionally one of the most overlooked in shelters

...teenaged puppies got to play in Kmart kiddie pools and loved it

...we adopted 7 pets out TODAY

One especially heartwarming day was when we put a call out for help to raise money for a dog's specialized surgery. We met the goal in 8 days and exceeded the goal by so much that we were able to start a Guardian Angel Fund.

We and our faithful supporters are making a DIFFERENCE in the lives of these precious animals.

So come out to the shelter and adopt a great pet. Or if your home is full but your heart still has some room, come out and volunteer. Dogs who haven't been out of their runs in a while would dearly love a romp in the exercise yard.  Giving someone a bath and pedicure is always welcomed, or just come pull some weeds. Any assistance is always appreciated by the staff and especially the animals!






Current Managers and Directors of the Madison Oglethorpe Animal Shelter:


Amy Phillips RVT - Shelter Manager

Tara Ewing - Office Manager

Charles Richards - BOD President

Janet Rountree - BOD Vice President

Toni Boatwright - BOD Secretary

Kat Dunckel - BOD Treasurer

Mike Musgrove - BOD

Margaret Myzewski - BOD 

Aaron Dunckel - BOD

Cat Lindsey - BOD